September 18, 2014, 03:43:06 PM

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  • Owens: yes just keep refreshing until your inventory shows up
    Today at 03:35:01 PM
  • Cookieeee: I'm having so much trouble trying to bet on CSGO lounge ;-; it won't let me bet anyone else having this problem?
    Today at 02:39:01 PM
  • charizard: 6 more spots left for the 2k credit each giveaway!
    Today at 01:26:33 PM
  • Avenus: looool
    Today at 01:25:11 PM
  • Cookieeee: [link] great... Looking foward to being ill. Not drinking water anymore.
    Today at 01:08:48 PM
  • Owens: ;)
    Today at 01:03:36 PM
  • SuperKartsu: Owens the memories
    Today at 12:50:28 PM
    Today at 12:41:36 PM
  • Smoothieblit: that ass is his skype gf
    Today at 12:25:45 PM
  • Owens: throw that ass in a circle
    Today at 12:03:52 PM
  • ALrX: whos ass is that?
    Today at 12:01:16 PM
  • Owens: who likes my new forum pic 8)
    Today at 11:51:09 AM
  • Simon: do you even lift m8
    Today at 11:03:26 AM
  • SuperKartsu: ur argument is invalid 8)
    Today at 09:57:19 AM
  • SuperKartsu: pussies, i wake up 6 am to school, last year i woke up 5 am to school because bus times suck dick here
    Today at 09:56:51 AM
  • Simon: I wake up at 6 am to get swole as fuck then i usually go back2bed
    Today at 09:53:39 AM
  • CrispyBacon: Okay fine I'm on my way
    Today at 09:38:30 AM
  • Owens: Well I hope people don't wake up at 6 am to play on the pc
    Today at 09:27:58 AM
  • CrispyBacon: Well then you should feel repulsed and disgusted
    Today at 07:56:03 AM
  • CrispyBacon: That depends alrx, is your 55 y/o EK teacher bangable?
    Today at 07:44:16 AM
  • Avenus: europeans are at school, most muricans are sleeping
    Today at 06:43:28 AM
  • ALrX: Got hit on by my 55 y/o EK teacher in the hallway... not sure if I should take it as a compliment or...
    Today at 06:27:36 AM
  • Avenus: i lift illeminatiz all day erryday ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)
    Today at 06:24:33 AM
  • CrispyBacon: Avenus do you even lift bro ᕦ( ͡
    Today at 05:56:10 AM
  • Avenus: how to make leminz mad. Step 1: ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o) Step 2: Is your bicep on vacay? Step 3: do it combined
    Today at 05:45:22 AM
September 07, 2014, 01:46:16 AM by Ham
Views: 331 | Comments: 18

Lucky to all of you, we are now going to allow HLDJ to be played in out jail break servers during certain times. Primarily during wardays and last ct. HOWEVER there are some general rules you need to adhere to in order to make this run smoothly for the admins and to ensure this privilege is not taken away nor do you get muted!

1) HLDJ can only be used by those with HIGH QUALITY audio files. IE. if you have to question it, it's a bad file.

2) Keep it quiet if at all possible, the music should not exceed the speaking volume of a regular player

September 02, 2014, 02:29:39 PM by Leminz
Views: 386 | Comments: 24

Congratulations to owens on becoming a Forum Moderator He will now be banning you baddies from the forums if you break rules and enforcing the rules of the forums and making the forums a safe environment for all people (and he can ban you for dat spam now so be careful caligula)
August 13, 2014, 05:00:25 PM by Bleach
Views: 611 | Comments: 28

Well, never thought that the Vash we all love would ever commit to our loving community here at HoE and step up to regulations and administrative duties as much as he had. I'm sure I speak for many of us when I say that the Vash we met, has very much matured (in some ways) into the great contributor of our HoE servers today, especially JB.

Congrats to you, Vash, on all server admin, very much deserved, keep our servers clean and make us proud.

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