October 24, 2014, 11:28:05 PM

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  • 5Azriel7: owens I almost bought a $60 dolla gun. dolan talked me out of it lol
    Today at 10:52:30 PM
  • Leminz: #LeminzJustMadeEveryoneProfit #PyramidScheme
    Today at 10:52:05 PM
  • Owens: 80$ in skins #Denial #BasedDenial #Shazamm
    Today at 10:49:04 PM
  • Goldin: Rmember today as the great vent migration. We have migrated as one into the largest migration vent has seen. God speed.
    Today at 10:09:08 PM
  • 5Azriel7: welcome to forums kermit! dont be shy and make an introductory thread on the forums tab :)
    Today at 08:14:07 PM
  • KermitS: Hey guys!
    Today at 08:08:50 PM
  • Owens: [link] damnnnnnnnnnn
    Today at 07:15:39 PM
  • ALrX: Having to wait for the next comic of a serie fucking sucks ass
    Today at 04:43:29 PM
  • Leminz: an american team has not won a single game at the LAN in milan for faceit tournament LOL
    Today at 04:13:43 PM
  • Cookieeee: None of that stuff happens over here I feel a little safe around my area
    Today at 04:07:10 PM
  • Caligula: i shall protect you db it is ok
    Today at 03:56:46 PM
  • 303: see, that's the shit I'm talking about. its almost every week we have some sort of shooting in the US, even with all these gun laws.
    Today at 03:49:46 PM
  • Owens: [link]
    Today at 03:41:46 PM
  • Leminz: nbc has live coverage of it if you're interested
    Today at 03:40:23 PM
  • Owens: Seattle high school shooting :/ a student there just stood up from the cafeteria table and shot 4 people 0.o
    Today at 03:34:42 PM
  • Caligula: id like to thank the academy
    Today at 03:19:23 PM
  • SuperKartsu: jb turned into swedish server, 10 guys, no one knows rules, 4 too young, all speaking swedish, oh the horror, my ears
    Today at 03:10:55 PM
  • Cookieeee: [link] <-- these soon ^.^ <3 can't wait going with ma bestie
    Today at 11:40:23 AM
  • 5Azriel7: why do they call it a hamburger when it is made of beef?
    Today at 11:20:37 AM
  • SuperKartsu: someone dress as ironman then 8)
    Today at 10:41:08 AM
  • 5Azriel7: skuli is batman, I had a feeling we were always at a disadvantage :p
    Today at 10:19:18 AM
  • ALrX: #Calig For Head Admin 2K15
    Today at 08:34:38 AM
  • 303: Caligula, I am granting you Head Admin.
    Today at 06:38:10 AM
  • 303: fuckin hell, I'm done....
    Today at 06:21:20 AM
  • 303: TINYCHAT.COM/HOECOMMUNITYCSS        - come watch the match with Vash and myself.
    Today at 04:40:44 AM
October 01, 2014, 12:10:27 AM by Ham
Views: 447 | Comments: 17

Through hard work and un-elenting brutality, Binks has been promoted to all server Admin! Let's all give her thanks for the hard work she's been doing keeping MG in check. Hard work does not go un-noticed, Give her a few days to get used to the new position.
September 29, 2014, 12:08:28 AM by Ham
Views: 659 | Comments: 28

Hey everyone, It's been a while since our last meeting and we need to have another one soon. This one is going to be a very important one. Anyone who does not attend, or notify me of non attendance will face a severe punishment. The meeting will be next Saturday October, 4th. I request that all members/admins/and mods attend for a community discussion. Again, if you cannot make it you need to let me know well ahead of time. if you need a vent account, let me know well ahead of time. Thank you very much, and thank you for making time to join in on this discussion.
September 07, 2014, 01:46:16 AM by Ham
Views: 531 | Comments: 18

Lucky to all of you, we are now going to allow HLDJ to be played in our jail break servers during certain times. Primarily during wardays and last ct. HOWEVER there are some general rules you need to adhere to in order to make this run smoothly for the admins and to ensure this privilege is not taken away nor do you get muted!

1) HLDJ can only be used by those with HIGH QUALITY audio files. IE. if you have to question it, it's a bad file.

2) Keep it quiet if at all possible, the music should not exceed the speaking volume of a regular player


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